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In the world of synthesis Rob Papen, he lacked a type of synthesizer. A synthesizer with all the controls and features available at the same time. Rob Papen's current collection contains synthesizers that contain many features and types of synthesis that can sometimes be disconcerting to the average user. But there is always something tempting and fun in something so simple!
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Look at the 80s, in which we had first-rate synthesizers like the Roland Jupiter-8, but also at the other end of the spectrum, simpler synths but fantastic like the SH-101. And yes, both have become classic synthesizers.
Compare it too while making music, very often less is more and this is also can be applied while using synthesizers. Of course, with a very feature-rich synthesizer, you can also be less complex in a patch. But it often takes longer.

Presets / Folder & Global Section:
More than 750 presets sorted into bank records
In addition, there is a system of "Quick Browser", "Favorties". and & # 39; Star & # 39; in the bank manager.
ECS (External MIDI Control) Go2 can change its sound settings dynamically in response to MIDI messages received from an external controller. These settings can be saved and loaded from your hard disk.
Help that opens the Go2 PDF manual.
Bank director
Go2 logo Click on the Go2 logo to access the back panel. The back panel displays global settings and seldom used commands.
Oscillator section:
The heart of Go2 is the morphing oscillator, this oscillator allows you to morph (using different modes of Go2 morphing) between two different waveforms.

First and second waveforms (wave A and wave B)
Oscillator Morph Mode. The Morph Mode menu determines how the oscillator combines the two waves, First Wave and Second Wave. The modes are: Mix, Morph, Ring, FM, Inter and Range.
October setting
Spread (creates a stacked sound of 2 oscillators)
Under. The sub-oscillator knob allows you to select two different waveforms: sine or square.
Sym (Sym controls the symmetry of the waveform of the oscillator)
SMOD Quantity (Symmetry Modulation)
The symmetry modulation controls the degree of change of the symmetry position over time.
SMOD (Symmetry Modulation) SpeedSmod Speed ​​defines the frequency of the LFO that changes the symmetry position.
XY Section
The XY Touchpad combines a live interactive control with an automated programmable modulation source.
XY Controls

Edit (in Edit mode, you can move the points in the path and edit the XY path manually).
Playback speed (playback speed control changes the playback speed of the saved XY path)
Modes: Poly, Free or Mono
Loop modes: off, loop, or bidirectional loop
Sync To (Synchronize with XY movement)
Points (from 2 points to 128 points)
Space Quantization (Quantizing the space limits the points of the current path to a set of grid lines)
Time Quantize (Time Quantize defines how often the XY position is updated)
Draw Osc (the XY screen also shows the current output of the oscillator if you wish)
Commands (XY menu with many additional options as predefined path).
and more…

Format: AAX, VSTi

What's up:
Updates: The official website does not provide any information about the changes in this version.


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