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Golden is a query and script tool for Oracle databases. It provides tight compatibility with SQLPLus scripting conventions, including variable prompts and passing script parameters. It is a multi-threaded application that allows you to edit and execute multiple scripts simultaneously. It is optimized to be fast and user friendly.
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Supported client operating systems: Windows 10, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Terminal Server / Citrix versions, 32 and 64-bit versions.
Oracle 8 – 12 Support, SQLNet 2.x – Net12 (including Instant Client)
Full Unicode support.
Sort and filter on the client side.
Export data in a variety of file formats, including CSV, Delimited, XML, and HTML.
Export to Excel and Open Office Calc via COM Automation. Export directly to Excel xls and xlsx files. Exports can be scripted and executed automatically using command line options.
Customizable toolbars.
Edit and run multiple scripts simultaneously.
Support for SQLPlus variable prompts, binding variables (including RefCursor), and calling external scripts with parameter passing.
Support for EXEC, DESC, and CONNECT statements.
Support for DBMS output.
Synchronization of scripts and declarations.
Explain the output of the plan.
Supports SPOOL style SQLPlus files.
Modification of query results with full control of transactions.
Colorful highlighting of the syntax.
Schema information to paste into scripts and queries.
Cut and paste language-specific to paste queries into Delphi, VB, ASP, Java, C ++, etc.
A sophisticated separate import / export application (ImpExp) that can handle millions of records.

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