windows – How to specify permament columns for music folder in Windows10?

When I create folder with MP3 files Windows changes folder template to “Music”. Ok, but default columns for this template are: Name, #, Title, Artists, Album. I can customize that for one folder by adding/removing columns and later go to folder options and apply my settings to all folders of this type. Then it works for all of my music folders on hard disc I did that on. I would like to set such settings permament for specific folders, to make it works even if I move such folder to another disc or even computer (now I would need to customize and save all settings again for each hard disc/computer I put folder on). Is there any option to make my folder to be displayed by all Windows systems by default in the way I specified? Something like I customized folder icons by using system folders, desktop.ini and own .ico files, so it works even if I have my music folders on USB drive used with different computers.