windows – Is their a way to programatically Stop or require a password to be entered for Skype process to run

I have [as far as I know]. the latest updates & version
of windows 10 running on a home pc, soley used for browing the internet,
viewing deviantart, banking stuff & various other day to day tasks.
I had noticed that inside the task manager, even when
Skype has been fully uninstalled it is running a background
task associated or with the name skype? also with its generic logo..

if i unistall this program, its because
i currently have no fixed camera or contacts to
use it with… How can I stop skype
running when I have not initiated its processes?
odd thing is when you hover over it
within the task manager, it dissapears on 80%
of the occasions, like its sneakily running in
the background but can’t be assed to hide fully…

is their a way to uninstal & disable it
fully either through the registry or programatically
through python or C++, C#…

if i wish to use it i’ll download it…