windows – my PC is unable to connect to my phone hotspot

when i try and connect to my mobile hotspot i put in the password and i get a ‘can’t connect to this network’ message.

I’m in NYC and able to connect to the optimumwifi access points around the city but im unable to connect to my hotspot

a day or two ago i updated my pc and i think it was a reasonably big update (it updated bios etc.) and ii didn’t notice any change until i tried to connect to my hotspot because my other WIFI went out.

i did change my wireless card about 3 months ago from the HP AW-NB274NF that came with the laptop and it was working fine.

what I’ve tried: i uninstalled and installed my drivers a few times. change the to max the 2.4 ghz antenna to 20ghz instead of auto and it didn’t let me connect to anything so i changed back. disabling ipv6. delete some files from the registry editor(dont remember exacly which ones but i follow instructions i found online). tried pretty much everything on the first page of google when i searched this message .

honestly forgot everything i tried

Device: HP- 7FQ26AV

Network Card: Intel WIFI 6 AX200NGW.