windows server 2016 – How can Hyper-V failover be done without Active Directory

We are a small outfit, and I am running 4 webservers, 2 SQL servers, and a Reporting Server as VM’s in Hyper-V on WinServer2016 (datacentre edition). I want to be able to have a failover from this machine (Dell R620) to a copy of it. The servers are not on AD – I’m a dev wearing a Admin hat badly.

Is there something out there that can do this?

Already have replication running from (live) machine to (backup/failover) machine.
However, if stuff goes down, all info that was committed to sql databases since last replication would be lost, and this is the main problem.

I have no AD training at all, and the current setup is a mongrel that started as a BusinessServer2003, migrated to 2008 then to hybrid cloud based by previous employee that has left. I employed a tech thereafter for a period but fired him after he proved incompetent and in process of stealing source code. Sigh.

Not sure if this is do-able, but I want to attack the biggest headaches first.