windows – What is the best way to get DirectX (2D and / or 3D) to draw in a XAML C ++ class?

I'm trying to find the best way to draw plots and I do not even know if I'm asking the right question. So, if I'm not happy please let me know if I'm not even on the right track.

I'm building a project that I want to be in C ++ with xaml as visualization. I have to draw linear lines inside and I hoped to use DirectX to draw the lines. I've read this March 2013 article – – and I have not been able to have it draw anything in "MyDxImage". section again. I'm pretty sure I want to use SurfaceImageSource, because I want to be able to draw multiple tracks on a single xaml screen. I've also watched this series – – and what he did with the drawing is similar to what I want, not the circles but lines, and not in a CreateWindowEx (). Then I discovered that there is a template for what I think I want in VS2012 – – that I can not download.

The secondary question is: is it even what I want to do?

I wish to take advantage of xaml and be able to draw something in one (or more) image (s) in an .xaml file, but I do not know how to do it. Until now, all my programming was a data analysis and I still do not quite know the graphic / graphical part. Any help is greatly appreciated.