Winnest – The history of spectacular features!

The ongoing evolution in various economies of the world also goes through the digital phase. In addition, the global market has faced competition between rapidly growing business models and the technology that supports them. Despite this, many people wonder how the era of digital and social media will meet the expectations of customers today?

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In response to this question, Winnest offers a revolutionary platform that will provide a collaborative economy and shared advertising. The Winnest project aims to eliminate the intermediaries of the e-commerce sector by creating a social market, which increases the purchasing power of participants and rewards users who use a collectivized gain process. The Winnest Platform will have integrated services essential to its growth and sustainability, which come in the form of a social marketing venue.

In addition, the Winnest platform is driven by its own cryptocurrency (the WNC token), which is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed to allow users to conduct transactions without paying any third-party fees. . He also has the loyalty token (TWNC).

Features of the Winnest innovation market

• Paid sharing and content sponsorship: Social media sharing is not something you recommend to a friend on the Winnest platform, but a way to generate revenue for each sale generated by that content. You get 10% of the price of the product sold and the amount is immediately credited to your WNC cryptocurrency on your virtual wallet. Paid sponsorship is one of a kind, and has not been mentioned on various online sales platforms. Interestingly, you can sponsor products using your loyalty chips to increase the product's visibility on the platform's home screen.

• Influence and ambassador: The Winnest platform allows you to interact within the platform with the help of individual missions, two or more people and an expedition that will allow you to improve, to win the TWNC and become the influencer of the moment.

• dissemination and advertising: Another fascinating feature of the Winnest online sales platform is the way the information is disseminated while providing the opportunity to increase the visibility of your publication. Importantly, a user can purchase visibility and make publications that are targeted by location or interest on the influencer's network. In addition, to increase the scope, this buyer can share publications allowing him to add a budget in TWNC.

Winnest revolutionizes the way information is communicated and keeps open the boundaries of targeted and shared advertising.

The Winnest Token and its unique offers

Winnest presents the first consumer cryptocurrency for the mass market. As stated previously, it is known as WNC. It is necessary to create a token taking into account the objectives of the platform. In addition, regulatory flexibility makes the WNC ideal for significant tax optimization while providing users with the opportunity to make a smart and profitable investment.

The sale of the Winnest Token is expected to begin from October 2018 and a limited number of 5,000,000,000 WNC will be sold during the ICO. During this period, there will be special offers, which break down into two offers. The first offer gives users the opportunity to take advantage of bonuses by sharing the initial cash offered by the platform to their contacts.

The second offer depends on the amount of money invested in the Winnest platform. Winnest offers the following bonuses throughout the ICO period. Those who invest up to $ 1,000 get a 1% bonus, while those with an investment of $ 3,000 get a 3% bonus. However, those with investments up to $ 10,000 and $ 50,000 get 6% and 10% respectively. Finally, individuals with an investment greater than $ 100,000 and greater than $ 500,000 are awarded 15% and 25% respectively.