wix.com – Google Sites, I can’t seem to publish my site

I purchased a Google domain and used their free Google sites creator. However, at some point, I tried using Wix and tried using that instead under the same domain name. They didn’t allow me to do what I want to I decided to go back to Google but I could not get it disconnected from Wix. Every time I go to the website it shows me a Wix error page. I called to get it disconnected and they tell me they don’t know why it keeps showing up under Wix.

Under the Google Sites “Settings” in the website builder, under “Custom domains” there is a menu that says “Connected domains” and under that is my website name but it says “Invalid DNS” I have not entered a DNS so I don’t know why it’s telling me this.

When I go to Domains dot Google and I go to the DNS settings, and under “Synthetic records” it says, “This synthetic record has an error and will not function correctly:
We had a temporary issue creating your SSL certificate. We will automatically keep trying to resolve this issue.” But my Name server is under Google Domains and not some custom one, which I assume is what is going to Wix.