woocommerce – Own URLs are changed to URLs based on GET settings when saving

I'm working on a multilingual WordPress website with WooCommerce based on the Orgafresh theme and I'm having a problem that I can not for life find how to fix this problem.

Whenever I save a custom post, the page and publication links of this post are changed from a standard slug-based URL and are replaced by a link to parameter-based URLs. GET.


changes to

changes to

I wonder if a plugin could be responsible for this, but I did not find anything on Google or StackExchange. Maybe WP Bakery is behind that? So many users however, this seems unlikely. I also use WPML for multilingual management, so I have the impression that it may be the cause of the problem, but I have worked with several sites without problems, so I'm not quite sure.

Has anyone ever encountered this problem? How could I solve this problem?