woocommerce – Possibility of having multiple Authorize.net accounts on the same site?

I have a site that serves multiple business units of a company. The company would like to be able to sell different products from each business unit. Each business unit has its own Authorize.net account and wants to process transactions using its own Authorize.net account.


  • Business Unit A wants to sell widget A and treat the
    Authorize.net account transaction A.
  • Business Unit B wants to sell the widget B and treat the
    Authorize.net account transaction B.
  • Business Unit C wants to sell widget C and treat the
    Authorize.net account transaction.

For accounting reasons, they can not share a single authorize.net account. The site uses WooCommerce.

I did a lot of research and found plugins and methods to use several different gateways (eg Authorize.net and Stripe), but not multiple accounts for the same gateway because the keys were tend to be installed.

I'm pretty sure the answer to the question is "no," but I want to make sure I do not give up prematurely.