wordpress.com hosting – Wrong layout and not secure wordpress via digitalocean

Good Saturday, everyone!

Hope you’re chilled out despite the crazy COVID-19!

I recently started to build my website for blogging. However, I followed the instruction but I failed. Here is the website.enter link description here

The way I tried is first I bought the domain and pointed them each other between two sites.
Then, I saw there is tab called ” Marketplace” on DigitalOcean where you can started a do a Dropet for wordpress.

I followed the instruction but I didn’t success. I got this layout. I can’t google it because I don’t what the problem is. You can have a look at this website: wwww.xmoneytree.com

Besides, it shows “Not Secure”. How can I make it secure”?

Would any expert mind pointing out some keywords that I can solve this problem?


Not a good layout