Workflow – On the Epson Perfection v500, how to digitize half-frame negatives effectively?

I have two rolls of half-image film to scan tonight, representing over 144 photos. Most of the manual work involves selecting each photo with the help of the Rectangular Selection tool by hand in the Epson Scan application.

Another alternative uses the "Automatically locates images"Function (when you uncheck" Thumbnail "in the main window), which automatically selects two images at once.This option is problematic because the auto exposure does not work very well when I do it, and the numbering of files becomes very difficult .. complex process to keep the order of photos:

enter the description of the image here

In the 4th image of this Epson support link, there seems to be a way to use the automatic location of the image even outside Thumbnail mode.

Is there a way to allow the scanner to detect each of the 22 half-view photos in the film holder without the software blocking them?