Workflows within teams or groups

How I go about implementing editorial workflows within a group of users?
I have user identified with a taxonomy term, for example, a per country or per team-based group.

To simplify configuration and avoid adding more extensions, I went about creating a taxonomy, e.g. “Groups”, within that I have the groups, e.g. “Group A” and “Group B” and then each user is related to that group through a field in the user Account Settings.

Team A

  • John Doe – role: Author – taxonomy: Team A
  • Jane Doe – role: Reviewer – taxonomy: Team A

Team B

  • Jake Ryan – role: Author – taxonomy: Team B
  • Joane Ryan – role: Reviewer – taxonomy: Team B

My objective is that when John Doe creates content, the workflow only emails the Reviewer of that group: Jane Doe.

I do struggle to understand the group module. From what I’ve heard about it, I guess it would solve all my problems, but I’m having a lot of difficulties finding information (tutorials, documentation) that would allow me to grasp all the concepts this module introduces.