world of darkness – could an Ananasi actively try to take care of / have empathy?

The default Ananasi, after their First Change, do not care or show empathy towards others, they become very impassive and only see others as potential pawns and meat.

But could ananasi ever at least actively try to care / have empathy?

Maybe on a large scale, they might have had a lot of empathy for others and want to try to win some of what they'd been back, as part of this ananasi individualism.

Or perhaps only on a very individual basis, they have been closely associated with a kinship of Brujah or Toreador, who has some to regard them as a friend and worry about something fierce for them – and they might want to try to work to reciprocate even this.

A few different examples for reasons of clarity, but whatever the hypothetical reason and the scale of the attempt – could there really be a tradition of the game, even never be a reason or an attempt by one?

Or is it, by the way the ananasi are, completely impossible and something that would never happen to try?