world of darkness – Does the continuation of sacred hospitality cause stains on the pathways of enlightenment?

Many Tzimisce place a lot on "Sacred Hospitality" and Behavior accordingly. Breaking it can be something potentially serious, depending on where you are and who knows.

But, many of the Pathways of Enlightenment common to the Sabbath seem to advocate against such behavior – some even opposing to preventing a death or helping someone from weaker, than accepting someone else. A person seeking sacred hospitality may very well be involved.

Even the "Path of Metamorphosis" specific to Tzimsice cites the refusal to do things that one could call "compassionate".

So, following the traditions of "Sacred Hospitality" does it violate the rules of certain paths and cause stain / penalties?

Or perhaps factors such as the fact that it is largely derived from tradition rather than something else prevent it from acting accordingly to be considered an appropriate offense?