world of darkness – How does stripping work?

I only have the basic rules book and the How are you doing that sourcebook, and I play Mage Ascension Edition 20th Anniversary.

Yesterday, I had a player touched with a Life / Match effect that followed him, and he wanted to decompress the said effect (and possessed the required spheres). For the moment, I piloted it, but later, during the rule revision, I found that I did not really know how to untie it. In the case of countermagic, you simply use an action, and that's it. But for the outcome, it seems, according to the rules, that it can not be so simple. The main reason being that it is mentioned the need to get 10 to 20 hits and a static difficulty of 8 in an Arete result. I am aware of the expanded rules in How are you doing thatalthough they limit the success required for temporary effects, it is still more successful than matrices for an Archmage.

So I want to understand how the non-weaving mechanic is supposed to work. I can see three options:

  • You launch once using an action, like a classic counter-magic. This means that it is almost impossible to release protection spells or larger spells, which seems unlikely, as they are explicitly mentioned as a potential target of this process.

  • You launch as many times as you want, and each time you add your successes until you have enough. This means that within minutes, everyone can unzip everything as it costs nothing and there is no limit to how many times you get a result or penalty for failure. It seems odd that archery spells and processes can be discovered by beginners at the end of time, and do not really correspond to what we know of the universe.

  • You make an extended roll. The problem is that we have no information on the number of times you can run, the penalties you can get in case of failure, the time you need …

I can not find any answer in books that I have or I do not search on the Internet. In case they do not exist, a homemade rule, either invented or adapted from previous editions, or an alternative method to achieve a similar effect (a spell designed to create others) would be welcome. .