world of darkness – Is it permissible to create a Maeghar?

The fae blood family known as "Maeghar" is described as a lonely marvel that avoids people, with no fixed affiliation to anyone – with the exception apparently of the Kiasyd Lasombra lineage, who are apparently with the Sabbath.

But when it comes to the rest of the non-Kiasyds, reading all this insistence that they are lonely and largely avoiding others as such has also led me to ask myself something else:

Obviously, they exist and are not always killed by their father, permit? Or is it an offense?

Similarly, if a family member asked a prince (and anyone who might need to ask for it, a dependent of the clan) permission to give birth to a person known or suspected of having the blood of fairy, would he have a chance to "Yes"?

I know very well that other crossings are not already Permit, like how will / garou-kindred Abominations are a huge no-no and a way to quickly put you in power at Final Death for doing such a thing, but I'm not sure about the lawfulness of the fey- kindred.

Is there any official information somewhere that could indicate an answer to this?