world of darkness – Usage of Prime Sphere M20

We started an M20 campaign and I created a character that focuses on Prime and Life Spheres. Life is a very useful sphere and can have many good effects on its own. Prime on the other hand seems a little tricky to me.

The character concept is of a hunter that hunts down and kills Technocracy affiliated people. He is an expert in Melee, Firearms and Do. He has a Wonder background of twin Revolvers that produce infinite bullets via Matter magic (they need to be fed 1 point of Quintessence every 4 clips).

The only usages I have of my Prime sphere at the moment are:

  • Feeding the revolvers
  • Enchanting the bullets with quintessence for aggravated dmg
  • Creating a lightsaber out of raw quintessence for use with my Weapon Art Do special skill
  • Enchanting my fists with Quintessence to deal better damage via Do/Martial Arts techniques

But this seems to lackluster and there are no combinations with Life magic. Are there any other usages that I’m not seeing? I really like the idea of a character that plays with magic in its purest form but I can’t seem to find ways to make it awesome…

Some more information about the character build:

  • Prime 3/Life 3
  • Melee/Firearms 3 and Do 2
  • Node BG 5
  • Avatar BG 4
  • Buffed up physical stats using Life 3
  • Cyclic Mage merit (we try to adventure while we are in our zenith)

I have access to a Sanctum, Resources 5 and a Mansion which is built over our Node (also contains the Sanctum). My team has Time3/Corre3, Mind2/Prime1/Life3, Mind3/Forces3.

PS: Yes Revolvers do indeed have clips in MTA
Revolver Clips = 6 bullets