Would it be possible to automatically stop GSA projects when the verified total exceeds the defined limit

In the past, I had already asked the groups to be able to have a link limiter, as do the projects.

For example, you could have a "Sick Projects" group consisting of Project A, Project B, and Project C, totaling 50 S or V links in total. However, chance will determine precisely which permutation (20-10-20,30-5- 15, etc …)

…………… I will try to find a link to the article.

Now I'm learning about an easier mod, a switch to disable ALL ongoing projects when the sum of all verified / submitted items reaches the limit set by the user.

Personally, I would like to find this mod extremely useful, although I hope that the GSA team will find these two ideas useful and that they deserve to be implemented in terms of time in relation to the return of the utility.

The beginning of a new week at GSA! :) Here to progress, pplz! ~ :)