Would you vote for Donald Trump in 2020, considering what he's done to us so far?

Yes, I would vote for Trump. He does what he thinks is the best, not because someone promises him something or gets his hands dirty with money, much like a lot of politicians and lawmakers. He seems to be his own man and his agenda is not influenced by any personal gain.

If you hear bad news all day about something or someone, it will end up negatively affecting you. Well, the media seems to be prevented by everyone from hearing what the president has done well. For example, the unemployment rate is the lowest in fifty years. Something that no other president has been able to achieve. The stock market has reached historic highs. The economy is better than it was. Gas and oil prices have come down. All the things that everyone constantly complained about before his presidency.

I think tariffs are paving the way for new and better things in our future, so America depends more and more on itself, rather than the shit of China that is just filling up our depressions. Hell, we can not even get plasterboard intact. Look for Chinese drywall and be puzzled.

Blah, blah, blah ….. I only want Trump to have a chance to do his job. Despite the electoral college that prompted Hillary's election, Trump won the presidency with good reason. He appealed to Americans who wanted to make America once again great. Only if American politicians allow it !!