wpf – Why does not my DataGrid show me records from my database (C #, SQL Server)?

I've been trying to display the data saved in my database in a DataGrid created in C # in Visual Studio 2015 in a WPF window and, until now, I can not find the data I've saved. ;fault. The data is stored normally, it does not show them. I have very similar projects, the only difference between these projects and this is the date and the amount of data to be stored. Otherwise, everything is almost identical. I do not know what to detail, it's the first time I overflow and I ask for more details on the amount of code. I was looking at yt because they showed data from a data grid and that its code is very different from mine, and I have a hard time adapting to it. Well, try it and nothing.

    public list Listordo ()
Listing IsDenuncia = new list();
DateTime d;
eDenuncia objDenuncia = null;
SqlConnection with = db.ConectaDb ();
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand ("Select Codigo_Aleatorio, Name, DNI, Category, District, Province, Department, Date, Time_Table, Hour_minutes, Description, Status from Table_Denunciation", with);
SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader ();

while (reader.Read ())
objDenuncia = new eDenuncia ();
objDenuncia.Codigo_Aleatorio = (int) reader["Codigo_Aleatorio"];
objDenuncia.Number = drive (string)["Nombre"];
objDenuncia.DNI = drive (int)["DNI"];
objDenuncia.Category = drive (string)["Categoria"];
objDenuncia.Distrito = (string) player["Distrito"];
objDenuncia.Province = (string) player["Provincia"];
objDenuncia.Departamento = drive (string)["Departamento"];
d = player (DateTime)["Fecha"];
objDenuncia.Date_denunciation = d.ToShortDateString ();
objDenuncia.Horario_hora = (int) reader["Horario_Hora"];
objDenuncia.Horario_min = drive (int)["Horario_minutos"];
objDenuncia.Descipcion = (string) drive["Descripcion"];
objDenuncia.Estado = drive (string)["Estado"];
IsDenuncia.Add (objDenuncia);
reader.Close ();
returns IsDenuncia;
catch (Exception ex)
return null;

db.DisconnectDb ();

// This is already in another layer
public list Listunits ()
return denunciadd.Listartodo ();

// and this is in the WPF window part

n Denuncianouncebusiness = new nDenunciation ();
public FrmDenounce ()
InitializeComponent ();
Showdentions ();

Private Showdemands ()
dataGrid.ItemsSource = denuncianegocio.Listardenuncias ();
Private Void Bt_Enviar_Click (Object Sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
Random rnd = new Random ();
string name;
int dni;
category of chain;
string district;
provincial chain;
string department;
Date and time date;
int hora_hours;
int hora_minutes;
description of the chain;
int random_code;
state of the chain;
Listing listing;

list = denuncianegocio.Listardenuncias ();
// random_code = denuncianegocio.generar_numero ();
name = textBox_Number.Text;
dni = Convert.ToInt32 (textBox_Dni.Text);
category = comboBox_Delito.Text;
district = CBDistrito.Text; // TO THAT
province = CBProvincia.Text; // TO THAT
department = CBDepartamento.Text; // TO THAT
date = (DateTime) dtfecha.SelectedDate;
hora_hora = Convert.ToInt32 (textBox_Hora.Text);
hora_minutes = Convert.ToInt32 (TextBox_Minutos.Text);
description = textBox_Descipcion.Text;
status = "unrevised";
random_code = rnd.Next (100 984);

string Disclaimer Message;
Message of denunciation = "COMPLAINT CODE:";

MessageBox.Show (MessageDisplay + (random_code.ToString ()));
MessageBox.Show (denuncianegocio.Registrardenuncia (code_random, name, ID, category, district, province, department, date, time, hour, minute, description, status));
Showdentions ();