wysiwyg – Filter on paste in CKEditor

My stakeholders are faced with a situation in which they have to end up in the CKEditor window when they copy and paste from Google Docs, which they do often.

Ideally, the online style information would be removed from the pasted tags, while preserving other style information. For example, here is the tag of a large text, copied from the Google Doc CV template and pasted into CKEditor in Drupal 8.6.13:

your name

Is there a way to strip the the font style and font size attributes on the page? I have searched Google for information on the Drupal side as well as the CKEditor site, but I have not found definite confirmation that this is possible.

I see that some modules for CKEditor provide a "Paste from Google Docs" button, but my team does not want to use another button to remember when they paste from Google Docs – they want it to work with the Google Docs. default pasting functionality. We will never use size and font family source, because we have a standard style guide for the whole of our site.

I am aware that the font can be handled differently (bold style tags instead of using font-weight: bold, etc.), but we can take it into account. What I'm looking for is how to get rid of the family and the size of the font.

For custom text filters, I reviewed this tutorial, then downloaded and installed the sample custom text filter module. During the test, I confirmed that the text only changed when I saved the node, not when I pasted into the textarea widget of CKEditor. So, a custom text filter module does not do what I want.