yosemite – Finder appears to be down, Office files are missing

I have an old imac mid-2010 with a ram and an improved ssd that works really well. I mainly use it for coding and I have not updated / installed new applications recently.

Since 24 hours:

  • the viewfinder seems to be broken (can not launch it)
  • can not access cmd + space finder
  • all the files in the office are gone

Everything else seems to work. The computer seems to be fine except that. I have access to chrome, spotify, terminal, etc. via the shortcuts by clicking on the lower menu bar.

After some instructions, I tried to locate ~ / Library / Preferences / com.apple.finder.plist and there is nothing.

I would like to understand what is happening and fix it. I ran:

sudo sysdiagnose -f ~ / Office

Here is the result https://pastebin.com/ehp52jBR