Zero Results Search Page – alternative content

I am working on a new design of the Zero Results page and I was just wondering what content I had to display and in what order. The site I work for sells courses, online and in class, across the UK. A significant percentage of our traffic comes from Google.

A common search term is: [subject] Course in [location]

The problem is that it sometimes leads to search pages with zero results. If a user lands on a null result page after searching for a course in a given location, we provide a location search box to allow it to search for that course in a different location. We also display the results closest to the desired location, but these routes can sometimes be 200 km apart.

I have also considered creating online courses as an alternative to location-based classroom courses.

My question is what results should I display at the top of the page? Classes that could potentially be more than 200 km away from the original research location, or online courses, that do not necessarily correspond to what the user is looking for, in particular, he wants to take a class in class.